Democratic Organisation

“The solution to the problems of democracy is more democracy” (Dewey)

Exploring democratic history, theory and practice; critiques of representative democracy; deliberative institutions and democratic innovation; citizen engagement in governance; public accountability.


Select Publications:

Direct Accountability at the End,’ Blaug, R. in Leighton, D., White, S. (eds.), Building a Citizen Society: the Emerging Politics of Republican Democracy, London: Lawrence and Wishart, (2008) . 

Engineering Democracy,’ Political Studies, Blaug, R. (2002) 50(1): 102-16.

Outbreaks of Democracy‘, Socialist Register, (2000), pp. 145-60.

Democracy, Real and Ideal: Discourse Ethics and Radical Politics,  Blaug, R.  Albany: State University of New York Press, (1999). 
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