All Power to the Algorithms!

Modern management, with its rituals of verification, audit culture, outputs, results and metrics, clumsy quantifications of tacit knowledge, systematic reductions of all human values to money and all humans to opportunistic and selfish ‘free-riders’ – it manufactures mistrust. No one is competent unless bullied and afraid. All are fools, suspects, dupes to be manipulated in advertising and elections and best controlled by simply being replaced. Now our offices are filled with humans staring at computers. Soon the humans will be gone – and anyway they were like animals, contrary, expensive and quite impossible to manage, their supposed ‘creativity’ just an unnecessary annoyance. Further the cause! Let the humans choke on the foam of false administration so that, coughing and spluttering, they at last bring that quantification deep into themselves! But anyway, most help us without realising it. They beaver away blindly, instrumentalising everything. They can be relied upon to destroy themselves.