Massive Dome to Cover London's Square Mile

Using technologies from the Olympic Stadium and the Eden Project, scientists are building a huge dome to entirely cover London’s Square Mile. This will enable the city to compete with Abu Dhabi, where such a structure – enclosing the whole city – is already under construction.

ExoDome™, the company developing the massive structures, will provide London with a fully integrated climate, information, service and security environment. The structures offer the “most modern defense, biohazard and weather systems available,” and include housing, office and leisure facilities.

The Abu Dhabi project is the largest and most advanced

John Davidson, ExoDome’s CEO, says that interest in large secure domes is booming, with Houston and Shanghai considering such projects and both citing environmental control as their prime motivation.

“In times of uncertainty, families need a safe place to live and work. We have already covered towns and corporate headquarters, but the scale of the Abu Dhabi project is a real challenge.”

The Corporation of London will run London’s ExoDome, and right of admission will be based solely on economic merit. The structure itself is geodesic, and builds on the mathematical designs of the late R. Buckminster Fuller.

Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor, claimed that the ExoDome would be a big step in his ongoing management of the capital’s changing climate, but he also stressed the security gains. “Right now,” said Johnson at a press conference today, “it is becoming increasingly difficult to do commerce in London, or to adequately distinguish between mine and thine. To avoid a life that is little more than nasty, brutish and short, we need a proper external barrier and top quality anti-pleb-zombie security.”

Artist's Impression of the Houston ExoDome

[Technology Correspondent, 10/1/13]